Public Notice



It is now mandatory (compulsory) for all horses & other members of equine lineage that enter the Dayboro Memorial Showgrounds at any time, that the owner/s are to fully complete a Horse Health Declaration form each and every time before entering the grounds.  This includes your PIC number – if you have a horse, you have a PIC number.  There is no excuse for not putting it on the form – if you don’t know your number, contact  Dept of Agriculture & Fisheries, or whatever its name is at the present time.

Forms will be available at the front gate and are to be deposited in the box provided.  If you use McKenzie Street/Tullamore Park entrance you MUST  go to front gate and fill out the form.  Forms are also available on our webpage – see below.

Members of Dayboro Pony Club,  Dayboro Trailriders Club and Dayboro Working Horse and Dog Club must hand their forms to their Presidents on day of Musters and meets.   No form – no ride.  These forms will then be passed to the Secretary of the Dayboro A.H. & I. Association for traceability in the event of an outbreak of any disease – which we trust will never happen.

As at 1st July 2016 – all animals of any breed i.e. horses, cows, chooks, llamas, cats, camels, guinea pigs, canaries and the list goes on – that come onto the Showgrounds  will be required to fill out the form.   This is a Queensland Government  State Bio-security Law which comes into force then.

Please send any enquiries to us via email or letter to or P.O. Box 36, Dayboro Q. 4521, or drop into the box at the front gate and we will endeavour to answer you promptly.

Thanking you in anticipation of your assistance in this matter.

Alison Taylor – Secretary

Dayboro A.H.& I. Association Inc.