Walter Whip and The Flames

See Walter Whip and The Flames perform a flamin’ spectacular whip cracking show with fire stunts.

Walter Whip was born in Brisbane in 1987 and had a passion for the Australian country lifestyle despite growing up in the heart of Brisbane. Walter purchased his first stock whip at 10 years of age and spent many hours practicing all kind of whip cracking styles.

He then added more and more whips into his whip cracking routine.

He has taken whip cracking shows in Australia to a new level, introducing his fellow performers “The Flames” into the show. Walter now performs crowd pleasing, spectacular shows cutting roses from the very trusting girl’s hands and mouths. Walter

Whip is also a fire whip artist and performs fire stunts including entering a burning ring of fire, cracking 2 whips on fire. His shows are active, spectacular and a must see performance especially with those great balls of fire throughout his fire stunts.